Backing Scotland’s Currency – Foreign Exchange Reserves for an independent Scotland

A NEW report by Common Weal has detailed how the stability of a Scottish currency can be achieved through the holding of foreign currency reserves.

The report is the third by Common Weal on the case for a Scottish currency as part of its White Paper Project, which is building a new case for an independent Scottish state. The report is written by Peter Ryan, an IT expert in the financial sector with over 25 years’ experience.

Read the full report here

A better nation

Exactly one year after “winning” the Brexit Referendum the Tories in Westminster still have no strategy. Horrifyingly, not only do they lack a Plan B, they never even bothered to formulate Plan A! From this staggeringly weak position, over the coming months Tories will attempt to negotiate the UK’s exit from the European Union. Do you trust them with your future?

At the end of the negotiation period (once the full scale of the Tory fiasco becomes clear) the First Minister has proposed Scotland votes on whether to accept the UK’s brexit future or to leave the UK and choose our own way.

I’ll be voting for a better nation.