Parliamentary conduct

This is an old video (2008) but I just now watched it after a friend posted on FB.

It shows former New Zealand MP, Nándor Tánczos, giving his final speech in Parliament. What he says about behaviour in the NZ parliament applies 500 times more to Westminster. That is a SHAMEFUL place. I hate to hear them baying like animals on the benches.

I watch our Parliament for signs it’s going down the same road. Under former Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick, our Debates were conducted in a relatively respectful and civilized manner. Recently, I fear that some MSPs have been behaving like nasty, embarrassing children in the Chamber. I think Ken Macintosh needs to knock those idiots into shape.

Holyrood is not Westminster. The Scottish people are sovereign and we expect better from our MSPs. They are elected as our representatives and should act in the interest of ALL their constituents – in and out of the Chamber. I’ve seen tweets from unionist MSPs that I consider to be hate-speech. It sickens me these people aren’t in jail, never mind sitting in my Parliament voting on legislation! Can’t you get them sorted Mr Macintosh? (perhaps Mrs Marwick can give you some tips).


Ireland’s border

Quickly posting this short piece from Channel 4 News without comment… except to say, the one Scot featured is a total embarrassment. And that old woman… no, I’ll just leave you to discover the horror of her for yourself…

This post is ranty and full of swears.

During the indyref campaign, and for most of my life, I campaigned for Scottish independence because I believe it is the best thing for the people of Scotland.

These days though, I have this almost hysterical voice in my head that screams: The UK is BROKEN. We’ll all be DESTROYED. RUN THE FUCK AWAY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Reading this headline just now caused the current rant but I am honestly and literally terrified of Westminster. They’ve always been unaccountable bastards but since brexit they’ve gone into some kind of insane and heinous overdrive. 

The UK has no constitution, the WM government believes itself to be sovereign and soon the protections we had under EU law will be ripped to pieces. The so called ‘opposition’ do nothing to curb the madness, either voting for tory plans or acting like spineless fucks and abstaining.

The only hope I see for a decent future is to get shot of that travesty of a parliament and for Scotland to set up on its own. A future within the UK is bleak and hopeless.

Scottish Independence Convention – Bridges to Indy #Build2Indy

I was at the 2nd Scottish Independence Convention conference in Edinburgh on November the 4th. There were some excellent speakers, loads of ideas, and inspiration. But, rather than writing about it, here are some vids from Independence Live for you to watch yourself…

Dr Iain Black feeding back the results of a recent study commissioned by SIC:

National Treasure, Alan Bissett reading an excerpt from The Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant:

George Kerevan discussing currency options for iScotland:

Craig Dalzell with an informative and (surprisingly) entertaining examination of Public Finances and the Economy:

The always inspiring Lesley Riddoch talking about The Confidence of becoming a Nation:

Full coverage of the conference is still available via Independence Live (please support their work if you have any spare cash). It’s definitely worth watching if you couldn’t be there.

Here’s a report from the event by CommonSpace too: The grassroots view: Indy supporters tell us how Yes can win next time around


A perfect solution?


This is a year old but I missed it at the time. A bit of satire from Germany found on reddit. Bannockbern  😂

Perfect solution after Brexit: Scots and Swiss exchange territory

Edinburgh, Bern (dpa) – It is a historic decision by the governments of Scotland and Switzerland: Later this year, the two countries will exchange their current territories. Thus making Switzerland finally move out of its encirclement by EU countries, while Scotland can move to the heart of the EU after the disappointing referendum in the United Kingdom.

In a rush, both countries have threaded the historic deal this week. It stipulates that within one year 8 million Swiss will move to the north of the British Isles and 5.3 million Scots to the Alps.

“For us Scots that is the best possible solution,” says the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon after the final inspection in Switzerland. “We get even higher Highlands than ever and are located in the EU. In addition, we are finally rid of those terrible Englishman in the south.”

There is great satisfaction also with the Swiss. “We never had such easily accessible Alps,” said President Johann Schneider-Ammann. “Even your own seashore is included, and the territory is twice as big. In addition, we finally can have nothing to do with those horrible Germans.”

In the neighboring countries, there is consensus that it does not matter which mountain people with absurd dialect and strange customs live next door.

The project start in earnest later in December for Scots and Swiss when both countries will hand over their respective territories to the other side polished and cleaned. Already National monuments in both places are being dismantled and made ready for transport.

Switzerland pays special attention on the plans for the new capital Edinbürgli and Glasgau (formerly Edinburgh and Glasgow), while the main buildings and monuments for Züroaich and Bannockbern (formerly Zurich and Berne) are provided on Scottish side. Nessie, the famous monster of Loch Ness (future Nesser Löchli) will find a new home in Lake Lucerne (future Loch Fourforest) [this is a direct translation of Vierwaldstättersee – the German name of Lake Lucerne]


The Wee Ginger Dug – king of comedy :)

The always excellent Paul Kavanagh posted this yesterday – and it’s not so much political comment as pure comedy gold. I had to share it. Here’s one of my favourite bits:

“Alex has his own chat show. Kezia’s got I’m a Celebrity. Ruth’s got Celebrity Bake Off. Wullie Rennie is really pissed off, but apparently he’s in negotiations to appear on the front cover of the bus timetable for the number 17 to Kelty.”

…and another:
“Scottish Labour people are stomping about with faces that could fry a punn of mince from halfway across the galaxy” 

…aaaaaand one more:

“…although to be fair even once the results of the leadership election is announced on Saturday it will still only have an interim leader, because that’s the only kind of leader that Labour in Scotland has ever got”


Read the full post in all its glory here:  I’m a Labour ex-leader, get me out of here

No more Mrs Nice Guy

I understand that many people voted no to independence because they were afraid of an unknown future. I could sympathise with that fear – at that time. But to think like that now is counterproductive at best. BREXIT is looming and WM still has no plan of any kind. To me that is ten thousand times scarier than Scottish independence could ever be!

Tories are greedy, cruel and clueless. That is what folk should be scared of. Not any fictional “what currency will we use?” type fears. 

I don’t advocate negative campaigning. Not at all. However, we do need to stop letting the opposition get away with their negativity. No more Mrs Nice Guy. When they lie we need to call it out – loudly. We need to say “Oi, liars! Gonnae no dae that”. We need to stop pussyfooting around the truth, because the Tories really do hate us and we need to show voters that… while pointing the way towards the beauteous paradise that is iScotland. Also, we need to get back to the spirit of indyref when we ALL, individually, campaigned one to one. No more waiting around for the party line. Let’s get this shit done!

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Don’t HATE the media. BECOME the media – @liveIndyScot

If like me, you can’t make it to Glasgow this weekend, the national heroes of Independence Live will keep us connected to the events.
(Please donate to support their good work if you can)

Find out more about Independence Live, their aims, and their work for Scotland here

Take strength from the past but declare your intention…

I found this video in my FB memories today. The song must have been written in the early 80s but I’m surprised by how incredibly relevant these lyrics are. The final verse especially:

We’ve raised all our banners in poem and in legend
We’ve rested on laurels that turned into thorns
To dwell on past glories at the cost of invention
Is to squander the gifts that our forefathers gave
So take strength from the past but declare your intention
To change this dear land back to Scotland the Brave

I also love the bit about teaching, learning and being willing to change. Wise, relevant and inspiring words. Here they are in full:

The Corries – The Dawning Of The Day

We fished stormy waters when fish were a-plenty
We ploughed the wild heathland till it bloomed like a rose
We built the great ships that sailed all the oceans
We toiled underground, nature’s treasures exposed
We’ve travelled the world, we’ve known kings, we’ve known princes
Discoursed with scholars, reasoned with fools
O we’ve served with distinction all down through the ages
But still in our homeland the foreigner rules

O we’ll fight for what is right and the dawning o the day
When we’ll rise again to win our claim for Scottish destiny

We’re fierce as the badger when danger is threat’ning
We’ve the cunning and the guile that the fox calls his own
We’re the reason that guides our great streams in their coursing
We’re as stubborn as the headland that stands all alone
We can laugh with the devil, no one can laugh louder
Weep with the willow when our heart’s sorely pressed
We’re as gentle and prickly as our own downy thistle
We can work with the hardest and play with the best

O we’ll fight for what is right and the dawning o the day
When we’ll rise again to win our claim for Scottish destiny
But our land it is owned by the faceless investor
Our fish and our farming no longer our own
Our industry’s ruined, our assets are squandered
Our souls are in hock and our children in pawn
It’s no use in thinking it’s too late for changing
No use in thinking that it’s not up to you
You can teach, you can learn and to change things be willing
For you are your country and your country is you

O we’ll fight for what is right and the dawning o the day
When we’ll rise again to win our claim for Scottish destiny

Too long have we blamed the foreign oppressor
Too long have we hoped for our hero’s return
We’ve raised all our banners in poem and in legend
We’ve rested on laurels that turned into thorns
To dwell on past glories at the cost of invention
Is to squander the gifts that our forefathers gave
So take strength from the past but declare your intention
To change this dear land back to Scotland the Brave

O we’ll fight for what is right and the dawning o the day
When we’ll rise again to win our claim for Scottish destiny

O Caledonia
We are your sons
And will again be free